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    These are excellent books for both the beginner and advanced students. If you have never played before, this gives you the basic information with illustrations on holding the violin and bow. It gives the basics of reading music, plus teaches you tunes while you are learning. If you already play, these are excellent for improving your playing skills, whether you are a beginner or advanced player. I highly recommend these books written by a well known, very accomplished player.


A Gord Stobbe Mandolin Chord Book that's not about memorizing hundreds of chords. This book uses three basic chord forms to understand how chords are built, transformed and hooked together to make any melody more exciting This book comes with an instructional CD.

"AT LAST", a book with all the chords you will ever need when playing/accompanying on the mandolin. I know Gord Stobbe personally, have heard/seen him play and teach. In my opinion, there is none better if you want to learn/improve your playing. This book has all the chord, teaches their structure to make enable you to play like a "pro". NOWHERE CAN YOU OBTAIN THIS INFO AT SUCH A BARGAIN.

Content List and Sample Page

Color or Finish   Price   $ 34.50 USD  
Sizes  N/A Shipping   $ 7.95 USD usa


Introducing the basics of fiddling through the in-depth study of twelve tunes (jigs, hornpipes, reels, and waltzes). Proper hand positions, finger charts for scales and arpeggios, reading exercises, and bowing techniques are included. The CD, with fiddle in the left channel and guitar in the right channel, contains tuning, scales and arpeggios, all tunes played at both half and full speed with guitar accompaniment. 
Color or Finish   Price   $ 34.50 USD  
Sizes  N/A Shipping   $ 6.95 USD usa


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