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Five String Violins

The latest addition to the Eastman violins. This is the same violin as the Eastman 105, with the fingerboard changed for the 5th string plus the extra peg. As with the Eastman 105, this violin is not only quality but has excellent sound.

Was able to display it at 2 Violin Fiddler Camps. Had 2 of the best instructors play it. They were very impressed at the rich sound and clarity of all the strings including the C string. Also very impressed that at this price a 5 string would sound so good. They recommended their students purchase this violin.

While picture does not show, violin comes complete with strings, tailpiece and bridge, setup and ready to play. An exceptional 5 string violin ideal for fiddlers, bluegrass, etc.

SPECIAL BONUS: Now includes KUN shoulder rest($34.50 price) with purchase of this Violin Outfit. 
Color or Finish  as listed Price   $ 640.00 USD  
Sizes  4/4 Shipping   $ 24.50 USD usa


A beautiful European made violin with flamed back, ebony fittings, Dominant strings. Real excellent European quality at a price very affordable. This violin is a pleasure to play. Nice full rich sound that gives a whole new dimension to your playing. Ideal for both Bluegrass or Fiddle playing. The extra low "C" strings just adds a much greater range to the music. 
Color or Finish   Price   $ 895.00 USD  
Sizes   Shipping   $ 24.50 USD usa


For those who enjoy playing crossover instruments, the five string violin adds an extra dimension to standard range of a fiddle. The Andreas Eastman 405 model is hand-carved of select spruce and flamed maple back, sides and scroll. Beautifully finished with a golden-brown oil varnish. 
Color or Finish   Price   $ 1390.00 USD  
Sizes  4/4 Shipping   $ 24.50 USD usa


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